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What is it in coconut water that may have an effect on cataracts?

Coconut water for health and healing

July 17, 2009, 4:41pm
Remember the American nutritionist and naturopathic doctor who once said: “Coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth.” His name is Dr. Bruce Fife, considered the world’s leading expert on coconut and health. His book Coconut Cures has been selling fast and brisk especially in 2005-2006 when our very own virgin coconut oil starting gaining international recognition as a health food.

Last year, 2008, Dr. Bruce Fife came out with another book on coconut entitled “Coconut Water for health and healing,” now available in major bookstores in Metro Manila and in the provinces including outlets of National Bookstore, Fully Booked, and Power Bookstore.

I have been drinking coconut water/juice every morning for the past 3 years or so but it was only after reading Dr. Bruce Fife’s book that I came to know about the awesome health benefits of coconut water. Yes, coconut water does not only possess anti-aging properties but fight cancer, helps balance blood sugar, reduces risk of heart disease, aids in kidney functions and dissolves kidney stones and wards off other diseases as well as it enhances our immunity system.

Let me share with you an interesting story narrated in the book Coconut Water for health and healing:
“More recently I ran across an interesting incident which dramatically illustrates the potential benefit coconut water may have in treating cataract.

“We discovered this by accident while on a cruise ship (years ago). A few of us were on an island day trip and wanted to get off the beaten tourist’s path so we hired a bus and driver to take us to the opposite side of the island (only 10 of us on that big bus). A man and his wife were taking the cruise as a sort last hoorah before her scheduled cataract surgery, we later found out. Anyway, there was a beautiful beach with coconuts laying everywhere and we got thirsty, but there was no drinking water. So we decided to open up some coconut to quench our dry throats. We found a local with a big machete and through sign language we convinced him to open coconuts for us. The woman with the cataracts got splashed in one eye by the coconut juice, and it burned a bit. We were all digging through everything we had for something to relieve her eye ‘injury.’ All we came up with was one moist washcloth. Her husband wiped her eye and placed the washcloth over it. About 10 minutes later she announced we should head back to the ship. We did. The next morning at breakfast she said that her eye was much better and that she could see very well. We examined her eye closely and could not see any signs of the cataract, which was quite obvious the day before. She said she wished she had gotten splashed in both eyes. Then the idea dawned on us to ‘splash’ her other eye. We did that very day as soon as we got ashore and also repeated the other eye too. This time we were prepared. We went to the local market, grabbed a coconut, opened it, and strained it through a washcloth into a plastic cup, dribbled the juice into both eyes, placed a warm washcloth over both eyes, waited 10 minutes, and the rest is history. She went to her MD upon returning stateside – no cataracts and no surgery!

“What is it in coconut water that may have an effect on cataracts?

Coconut water contains antioxidants as well as magnesium, potassium and other minerals and enzymes which may un-denature or relax the lens proteins, allowing them to realign and become transparent again. I suspect that for this procedure to work as well as reported, fresh coconut water is needed.

“Coconut water may be an ideal eyewash or eye drop solution. If it can heal the damage caused by cataract, it may have other beneficial effects on eye health as well. Using it regularly may be an excellent way to prevent cataract, glaucoma, and perhaps other eye problems.”

It is indeed a pleasant surprise to know that it is a non-Asian in the person of Dr. Bruce Fife who is passionately promoting the health benefits of coconut – supporting his statements with testimonials of people who were taking coconut products and have been cured of their ailments. Citations of medical studies and researches also support his claim regarding the benefits of coconut products in our health and well-being

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